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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to work in partnership with vulnerable and disengaged young ladies aged 11-21 and provide a dedicated emotional well-being service which in turn supports positive mental health from the boroughs of Lambeth, Lewisham, Merton and Croydon.”

How The charity started

Our charity started following the tragic death of Ashdon Muirhead who ended her own life at just the age of 14 years. As a teenager Ashdon struggled with peer pressure, peer aggression at school and lacking confidence about being herself in a society that pressurises young women to be and act a certain way.

The focus of our charity’s work is to engage a mentor with vulnerable teenage girls to empower them to feel confident about themselves, develop personal life skills and deal better with challenges (such as peer pressure and bullying). The aim is to enable teenage girls to find their place in society and mature as responsible young women.

Our Work

Ashdon Jazz Academy has been running for over 3 years and has supported more than 150 female teenagers through the charity’s mentoring project and events.

Ashdon Jazz Academy provides a range of workshops and projects, drop in sessions, focus groups and female summits. The Ashdon Jazz Academy works for girls between the ages of 11-21 and has been extended this work beyond Croydon to Lambeth, Lewisham and Merton.

By working in partnership with youth clubs, schools, children’s social care and other statutory and voluntary organisations, the charity is able to target young females who may benefit from being referred or may wish to self refer directly for mentoring or to access one of the services.

Our fingerprints on the lives we touch never fade

Our fingerprints on the lives we touch never fade

Trisha Muirhead - Hewitt.

Discover AJA

Discover AJA

The AJA team is led by CEO and Founder Trisha Muirhead- Hewitt. Trisha established the charity in May 2015.

The charity is governed by trustees who meet every two months to review charity finances , safeguarding and impact. Each trustees is responsible for overseeing key aspects of the charity.

Michelle Nicholas- Trustee and charity Secretary

Linda Neal- Human Resources Trustee

Kevin Howell- Treasurer and Marketing Trustee

Sabrina John - Chair

Pauline Thomas - Schools and Community Trustee

There are a number of female adult volunteers who give their time to SUPPORT vulnerable referred young ladies.The mentors under go training and continued CPD . All undergo certified safe guarding training and receive supervision once a month.

We have an excellent fundraising and events team who welcome new volunteers. The team utilise their creative skills to raise funds for the charity.

All volunteers undergo DBS and are all reference checks.
Meet the Team

Meet the Team