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  • The charity was set up by Ashdon’s mother Patricia Muirhead-Hewitt. Patricia, alongside family members and friends, work to raise funds in order to provide young ladies with a mentor, for a year. The team are passionate about ensuring another family does not have to deal with a loss of a teenager through suicide. By providing a female teenager with a mentor they are able to confide and share their worries with, enables them to see that their situation is not hopeless.



  • Team

  • Trisha works alongside a team of committed family & friends to meet needs of vulnerable young females. Determined to keep their own memories.of Ashdon alived & ensure such a tragedy doesnt happen to another family.

  • Our growth is as a result of a strong governing body that bring’s a range of expertise and specialism to the charity.

    The charity has four trustees:


    Chair-  Mark Hewitt

    HR- Linda Neal

    Fundraiser- Sabrina John

    Secretary- Michelle Nicholls

    Trustee’s are supported by a team of ten volunteers.

    The Ashdon Jazz Academy team all share a passion to improve the well being of vulnerable female teenager’s and do their best to dedicate their time and knowledge to impact the future generation.