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Mentoring Project

Mentoring Project

The charity provide vulnerable young women who may be suffering from self-esteem issues, relational bullying, family breakdowns, stress and anxiety, involvement in criminality and gangs, those who may be at risk of exclusion, with a mentor.

The charity provides girls with the opportunity to build up a trusted and mutual relationship with a trained mentor for a set period of time. The mentor will work alongside their identified mentee. Dependent on the need of the young person that has been referred. The mentor will help them overcome challenges, moving them forward to recognise their strengths and establish their place in society.


The Ashdon Jazz mentoring programme provides young women with hope enabling them to see a range of alternatives, to what may appear to them to be a hopeless situation. Developing resiliency and self – coping skills ensure mentors pay a big part in a young person’s well- being. Established to address the rising number of females experiencing mental health issues. Following the suicide of Ashdon Jazz in 2014, the charity is passionate about providing preventative emotional support, in the form of a mentor.